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Wooly Weed Wackers

The growing season of 2019 will welcome 200 new wooly visitors to our vineyards. These new comers will play an important role defining our quest for Organic Farming.  Santiago Bugallo our viticulture manager will receive the first delivery mid-October of approximately 200 sheep. The goal is to eliminate mowing between rows and adding a natural fertilization.

A muzzle that let’s sheep eat grass and weeds, but prevents them from eating the vines. It’s a guard that is open at the bottom and blocked at the front and is counterbalanced so when the sheep lifts it’s head to graze, the muzzle prevents it from eating foliage and fruit, but when he puts his head down to graze the muzzle swings clear so he can eat easily.

A simple but genius device that opens when the sheeps head is down and closes when he raises head to eat grapes and foliage.

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