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The Vineyard

The winemaker begins each day with an early walk in the vineyard. They check on the irrigation, oversees the pruning or tests the soils.


With generations of experience with honoring tradition while pursuing innovation. The winemaker dreams each year when nature and knowledge align.

The Harvest, our process begins

By pinching the grapes and tasting the ripeness along with lab confirmation, the Winemaker will make the critical decision of which blocks are ready for picking.


Hand selection versus machine harvesting is the ever-ongoing discussion for the Winemaker. Clusters selected by equipment cannot differentiate the quality or the ripeness of the fruit.

Therefore, all grapes go through the sharp eyes of the sorting table. Here, any undesirable impurities must be sorted quickly and discarded for the sake of higher quality.

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Hand Sorting & Crushing

The winemaker will oversee the sorting table, ensuring through proper training that only the best grapes will make it to the crushing process. With their keen eyes, the sorters remove leaves, stems and unripened or damaged fruit.


The crushing stage simply breaks the tender skins of the grape berries, allowing the juice, pulp, and seeds to mingle with the skins during the fermentation. (1).png

Fermentation & Oak barrel aging

The fermentation process has two stages. A primary lasting 5-14 days and a secondary lasting another 5 -10 days . At the winery the fermentation process takes place in concrete eggs, stainless steel tanks, and co-fermented grapes in new oak barrels.


The Winemaker will decide after the fermentation what grapes are worthy enough to rest in French, American oak and for how long.

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