Our Growing Region



Loscano Wines are grown in the high altitude of the

Uco Valley, Mendoza

The snow-covered Andes Mountains frame the back drop of where Argentina has been producing wine since 1551. The grapes we grow, and the wine we produce are the finest in the world. The growing season offers the fruit a long hang time which matures the grapes with warm days and cool evenings. The soils are the secret behind our great wines. A loom clay soil which offers the right nutrients and perfect drainage. With only eight inches of rain per year, we rely heavily on the snow melt of the Andes. Delivered through a drip system which allows our viticulturists to control the proper stress to the plants. This practice of water conservation makes farming possible in high desert regions.


With centuries of agricultural experience, the native Mendoceneans have created an Oasis in a land that offers a near perfect growing region for wines. Argentina has become the 5th largest exporter and grape growing country in the world. Mother Nature delivers eighty-percent of what’s in the bottle, but the twenty- percent our wine makers add their viticulture knowledge and winemaker passion to produce wines that are memorable. On your visit to Argentina join us in our tasting room. Take a vineyard tour, meet the winemaker and relax in the beauty of the Andes with a glass of Loscano, Cheers!