The Global Team

Winning Through Excellence


Eric J. Malinski

President and Co-Founder

Piattelli | Loscano | Alto Molino

Primarily sets strategy and vision. He manages our strategic relationships with distribution partners in the United States for Piattelli, Loscano, and Alto Molino.  He is also involved in Piattelli & Loscano marketing decisions and managing.

Valeria Antolin

Head Winemaker

Piattelli | Loscano | Alto Molino

A 4th Generation Winemaker. The heart of Loscano since the beginning. Her passion drives and enthusiast is present in all her wines. She is involved in every process from the vineyard to the bottle. She is one the top female winemakers in Argentina.

Grant Jennings

Western Regional Sales Director

Piattelli | Loscano | Alto Molino

Attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas he double majored in Hospitality Management and Philosophy. Moving on to the Court of Master Sommeliers the “brass tacks” of wine have always interested him. Although, it is the passion and the stories that go into each bottle of Piattelli that keep him living his passion everyday. 

Marcelo Formanche

General Director

Piattelli | Loscano | Alto Molino

Love Challenges, to make things happens and to see projects through. Marcelo oversees all strategic operations from Argentina, and looks after business performance, profitability and asset management.

Roberto De la Mota

Winemaking Consultant 

Piattelli | Loscano | Alto Molino

With his long history as a well-known winemaker in Argentina and many award winning wines behind him, Roberto advises the winemaking team personally and together they add the uniqueness to Loscano Wines.

Patricio Zaina

Operations Manager

Piattelli | Loscano | Alto Molino

Patricio and his team take control of everything regarding production.  Ensuring the level of excellence is achieved in all final wines, packaging and customer service. His attention to detail is a huge reason behind the brand success.

Luis Mohammed

Commercial Marketing Dir.

Piattelli | Loscano | Alto Molino

Analytical and Charismatic. With his strategic vision of the brands and the markets, Luis leads the commercial operation both nationally and internationally as well as managing the marketing strategies.


Jimena Gianola

Hospitality Manager

Mendoza Vineyard

Jimena is in charge of the hospitality in Mendoza, her warm and friendly nature welcomes guests from all over the world.  Jimena´s ability to describe wines and host visitors is a huge part of what makes the Loscano experience memorable.

Santiago Acosta

Marketing Manager

Piattelli | Loscano | Alto Molino

Santiago´s professionalism, creativeness, experience and determination to obtain results make him the perfect member of Loscano´s team.  Implementing and carrying out the marketing strategies that have made the brand so desirable.